Seeing how she's close with Somi, she really went to The Black Label
Jinni-yah, you won

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1. [+175, -1]
I was wishing for her to go with YG but seeing how they were coming out with Babymonster, I was disappointed but is she really going with The Black Label?? F*ck, I did wish that she would go with The Black Label but if this is true, it would be daebak

2. [+157, -20]
No but why do people always claim that Jinni left because she caused trouble? If she really caused trouble, do you really think that The Black Label would take her??? This is f*cking ridiculous

3. [+147, -1]
But if she went with The Black Label and joined a new group, then why would she make her own Insta? Then she would've not made an Insta in the first place

4. [+122, -2]
I was pretty sad with NMIXX without Jinni. I really liked NMIXX's "change up" part so I replayed it a lot

5. [+85, -4]
It's not confirmed but I wish it were true.. it suits her

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