Of course he can use it to search himself up, but don't people use Twitter for that usually...??
DC Gallery = Knets often lump FmKorea, Ilbe and DC Gallery. DC Gallery has a huge section for female KPOP idols/celebrities usually being heavily s*xualized in various ways. The platform is notorious for spreading rumors and being extremely misogynist 

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Using DC is honestly obaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've seen lots of celebrities use Twitter to search them up but it's my first time seeing them use DC. Ah aside from Kim Heechul 

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If he just wanted to look himself up, couldn't he just go on Safari or Chrome? Of course normal people like us can surf on DC and it's just something unlikable to do, but when a celebrity makes it obvious that they're on DC, it's just a turn off. This is the hangout pot for the worst type of male idols and female idols fans 

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That's indeed DC 

4. [+128, -61]
How are you guys sure that it's defintely DC?

5. [+109, -39]
I bet he's visiting the Korean baseball gallery (t/n: the gallery 야갤/국내야구 갤러리 talks about anything but baseball. It's a gallery that has mostly ilbe users talking about far-right ideologies)

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