NCT Taeyong smoking an electronic cigarette in an official picture 

Seeing how they uploaded this on their official account, he must've been smoking in front of everyone

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1. [+107, -5]
He can smoke all he wants but it's my first time seeing an idol uploading a picture in front of everyone like that so I'm shocked

2. [+88, -1]
He said that he had 0 female friend but was caught in a bowling alley with girls... he was pretending like he was a bad drinker but was caught at a drinking party in a restaurant.. he pretended like he didn't know anything else than practicing but he was caught gaming with a girl... the fans are dying to paint him as this innocent maltese so what is he doing? His s*x jokes and fraud aren't going anywhere. He also has 25 tattoos so it's addiction level at this point

3. [+82, -5]
He already uploaded a picture of an ash tray and cigarette butts so

4. [+72, -6]
This isn't even a picture taken by a sasaeng in secret but they shared it themselves on an official accountㅋㅋ impressiveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's basically saying "please be aware that I'm smoking"

5. [+69, -8]
You think that smoking is the issue here? When his personality is like this?

('That guy with a frauding controversy' SM Rookies' Taeyong, under controversy for mocking a girl
"There are 10 people in total but I see 13 people")

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