Haerin wears clothes that have 0 consideration for her body or funky clothes, so they don't highlight her good points. Seeing her wearing a dress that emphasizes her waist, she looks really feminine

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1. [+79, -7]
Personally, she's flawless to me

2. [+55, -1]
NewJeans's concept is sporty so it's obvious that we'll hardly see her wearing something feminine like the one in the last pic. I'll be satisfied seeing her wearing that outside of work

3. [+51, -1]
Her back is seriously pretty... Seems like they went for the sporty concept until now so I think they'll give her prettier clothes to wear once she gets older

4. [+43, -2]
I wish they'd stop giving Haerin experimental clothing and give her traditional hair, makeup and coordiㅠㅠ They are doing this to a kid who would look pretty just with wavy hair and a dress

5. [+37, -1]
Haerin has a thin waist so she'll be really pretty with clothes that emphasize that

6. [+25, 0]
Her face looks like a baby

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