Everyone is already at the bottom and they're on the verge of being eliminated but... 
He's the only one who's top 14 and he's the highest one in the rank, meanwhile he's there acting up with his bas and sunglasses ㅋㅋ He's being so desperate to stand out 
the rest of the kids are pitiful 

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1. [+62, -10]
If you're going to perform 'Gang' I feel like this is way better ㅠㅠ Everyone else's stages are so no joke that if you're not going to act like that, nobody will remember youㅋㅋ

2. [+42, -3]
Oh~ ㅋㅋ If you look at the broadcast's anecdotes, aside from that, they all performed seriously and everything seemed to have done wellㅋㅋ Don't judge from the trailer alone 

3. [+40, -8]
If you want to swear, swear only after the broadcast is out, I don't think any of this is deserving of criticism 

4. [+31, -5]
Look at those f*ckers who are already rushing in just after a trailerㅋㅋ Your level is showing 

5. [+26, -0]
The people who went to the recording all said that the stages were all legendary. But Law? That team was Han Yujin's team and there were so many people who went to the concert just to watch that, meanwhile there were less people could vote for them so they were worried. Hmm I remember his team came after Keita's team and Oh Sungmin's team. If Mnet has any shame, they should send out the team who are at risk of being eliminated first 

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