The netizens reacted with "Isn't EXO already known for premarital pregnancies?" "There's a member who did it already so I'm not surprise" 

Ever since Chen's incident, EXO has been tormented so severely (they were already getting hated on, but it became even worse after Chen). Especially Sehun's trolls, they've been building up his wedding and premarital pregnancy rumors ever since. Because Chen is still with them, these types of rumors will keep coming

Please kick out Chen, he's so selfish + Chanyeol too

Sehun's legal response, refutes premarital pregnancy rumors with girlfriend "completely baseless lies"

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Because of Chanyeol and Chen, EXO has been bullied and disrespected in the idol industry on a daily basis. They should've been kicked out the moment their incidents happened. Since Chen is a good singer, they could just promote him as a soloist, why aren't they doing it? I honestly thought he'd quit after his 2nd kid, but he's talking so much in their content that I can't bring myself to watch it. please kick him out 

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Honestly the moment he had his premarital pregnancy... They should done it.. I think it would've been better to take responsibility and just abort the kid instead and I would've justified for him, but then he had a 2nd kid ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And the 2nd time, he was even in the military, what a f*ck you to the fans. I can't even explain for him. Seeing how he doesn't even speak in their content and just sits in his corner, so why is he still in teh group... How is he able to read the room while fighting with the fans at the same time?

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Seriously because of Chen, I'm so annoyed. Who told him he should stop being a singer? We're just saying an idol shouldn't have 2 kids. Even in the fanmeeting, just how bad the atmosphere must be 

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Seriously we don't care if he keeps releasing songs by himself, so just kick him out 

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