Pentagon has an official schedule in June

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1. [+59, -3]
F*ck, do you know how many schedules they've done withot Hui all this time?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+51, -9]
Who cares? They are promoting without Hui right now

3. [+46, -27]
Seems like I'll have to vote for Hui even harder now

4. [+43, -25]
What is this bullsh*t? Because he has a place to go back to, we shouldn't be voting for him? Then, don't vote for kids who come from rich families either. Don't vote for kids who are from good companies either. Let's just vote for kids who can't debut if not for BoPl

5. [+29, -11]
F*ck, stop saying that he has a place to go back to. Just search up the Pentagon members on Twitter and look at the voice letter they left for Hui. Don't you think that they are talking about a possible end after a little over 1 month? If he had a place to go back to, why would he be appearing on this show? They are already done discussing the contract renewals so just cut him some slack already

6. [+14, 0]
They are already doing a bunch of schedules without Hui though

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