He likes me 
He has good reputation among both men and women 
He also has a lot of similar interests as me 
And we have similar opinions about the future 
He's also considerate to other people 
but he really hates feminism... 

When I heard him say that, I was so turned off
 But among the guys that I know (not from my dad's generation)
there's not a single man who supports feminism.. 

I just got so turned off
Am I the only one..?

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1. If he has been personally affected by feminism, I would understand, but if he doesn't have any reasons and just hates that group of people and says it out loud, it's so so 

2. I'm definitely unable to date someone like that 

3. I can bare with the fact that they dislike feminism, but if someone is able to say it out loud and makes it purposefully obvious, they are definitely able to say 100x worse behind you. I'm clearly never dating someone like that. I bet he's also visiting those extremely male dominant communitiesㅋㅋ

4. I'd skip on them. You should date someone who either doesn't care about it, or who understands gender equality. I'd never date someone who thinks that feminism = megalia (t/n: extreme feminist community in Korea) they're 100% on misogynist communities 

5. No no I'd hate that 

6. No but first of all, I really hate people who use the word "femi" (t/n: OP used 페미 (femi) which is a shortened/slangish way to say feminism but often has negative connotation) 

7. I would hate to date someone like thatㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I'd actually be grateful for kids who are able to say they hate feminism out loud... They make it easier for me to pass on them 

8. Looks like to him, feminism = misandy 

9. Just thank him and move on ...ㅎㅎ

10. The fact that he must be thinking some type of way internally so much that he feels the need to say it out lout is dislikable 

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