Men: 44.1%
Women: 55.9%

Teens: 29.6%
20's: 51.1%
30's: 15%
40's: 3.6%
50's: 0.4%

They slightly have more female fans

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1. So they are not more popular with men?
> Seems like a lot of girls joined their fandom

2. Wow this gender ratio is perfect

3. I hope they get more female fans

4. Seems like people were framing them as this group catered for menㅋㅋ But they always had more female fans

5. They have more male fans than I expected. I thought that they mostly had female fans
> Me too

6. Isn't this ratio perfect though?? It's almost half and half and they also have a lot of fans in their teens and twenties

7. I also totally thought that they'd be a group catered for women

8. My friend is a FEARNOT and she said that if you go to their live broadcast, what stands out isn't the proportion of male fans but that most of their fans are women

9. Oh the balance is honestly so good

10. Oh I felt like they'd have more male fansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because of Kim Chaewon

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