If you've cheated, but kept it a secret and never get caught until you die, there's no damage to your original lover at all.
The laughable part is that if you get caught, it'll be too much for your mental health, so that's the issue. There's actually nothing wrong to you if you've cheated [without getting caught] since your lover also doesn't know you've cheated so there's no reason to feeling betrayed or suffer mentally.. 
There's barely any damage done, so is that even considered bad?

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1. Shut up 

2. Food is wasted on people like you 

3. So then why not just agree to cheat on each otherㅇㅇ What secret?ㅋㅋㅋ So you're basically sending the message that it's okay for you to do it but not for the other party to do it to you 

4. The fact that you consider this okay doesn't mean that it's morally okay to do. In the end, you're wrong for deceiving others

5. What are you saying?

6. If you're going to cheat, then why date? ㅋㅋ you're disgusting to death 

7. Your logic is that logic of a 3rd grade primary school. You're showing your level so it's better if you don't speak 

8. What? So OP is okay with dating someone who will cheat on you as long as they don't get caught 
> [OP] What's the difference between someone who doesn't cheat and someone who will never get caught cheating?

9. So you can scam people as long as you don't get caught, there's no issue?

10. Wouldn't you feel inside that you've done something wrong the moment you did it? 

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