I was looking at her pictures and saw that this wasn't her leaving a music show but it was taken on the day she filmed the Black Mamba MV. So this was way before her debut. How did her fansite master know and follow her?

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1. I guess?

2. I think that they took the pictures before debut and uploaded them after she debuted

3. For real?

4. There are a lot of people who followed idols from big companies ever since their trainee days...

5. There are a lot of people who follow trainees around

6. But Karina filmed CFs and performed on stages with her sunbaes before her debut too so... Her case is a bit different than your average trainee

7. She seriously suits fancy styling

8. If you're from a big company, you would have groupies even in your trainee days... This doesn't only apply to Karina but there are also people who follow other SM trainees who are not even known to the public yet. Pictures of them walking alone in the streets will be released later on

9. But I remember that this was a filming for Naver after she debuted though...?

10. No no,, this wasn't the debut teaser filming, it was for Party B.
> What's Party B??
>> It's for Naver Now

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