Isn't her waist line so pretty?
I don't care whether she got surgery or not, her lower body is honestly my wannabe...

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1. I really find Kylie's body so pretty

2. Wow seriously pretty

3. She has muscles + is tall + has superior genes

4. Kylie looks like that because she's tall

5. Seems like she removed her butt

6. She's over 170 cm tall so if she's 65 kg, then it's not like 

7. Seriously, Kylie has the most beautiful body in the world..

8. But isn't this information a few years old...???? All of the Kardashian-Jenners are super slim right now and they also all removed their prostetics

9. Kylie removed all her fake chest and fake butt and did liposuction so you can't really compare her to a normal weight

10. If she has 65 kg in muscles, of course she'll look different than your average 65 kg

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