'Emergency Declaration'
The break-even attendance was 5 million but the box office only had 2 million attendees
Even with an Avengers lineup including Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Doyeon, Song Kang Ho, Im Siwan, Kim Nam Gil, etc.. it was an utter failure

This one had an all-star lineup too
The break-even attendance was 7.3 million but the box office was 1.5 million..

'The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure'
Break-even attendance = 4.5 million
Box office = 1.3 million

'Honest Candidate 2'
Break-even attendance = 1.65 million
Box office = 890K

'In Our Prime'
Break-even attendance = 1.5 million
Box office = 500K

'Men of Plastic'
Break-even attendance = 1.9 million
Box office = 600K

Break-even attendance = 2.1 million
Box office = 900K

'The Policeman's Lineage'
Break-even attendance = 1.6 million
Box office = 600K

Break-even attendance = 1.4 million
Box office = 750K

'Project Wolf Hunting'
Break-even attendance = 2.2 million
Box office = 450K

Break-even attendance = 3.5 million
Box office = 1.7 million

Break-even attendance = 3.3 million
Box office = 630K
This was the biggest failing movie of 2023

'The Devil's Deal'
Break-even attendance = 1.95 million
Box office = 740K

Break-even attendance = 1 million
Box office = 390K

'My Puppy'
Break-even attendance = 800K~1 million
Box office = 1.46 million

Break-even attendance = 970K
Box office = 1.3 million

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1. Movie tickets are way too expensive nowadaysㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. Wow for real, I only watched Count hereㅋㅋ Crazy.. Korean movies are f*cking boring nowadays. The tickets are expensive too so of course nobody would watch them

3. The tickets are expensive and the plots are too cliche... Also, if you wait a bit, it will be uploaded on OTT so why even watch it at the movies? Not like any of them was worth watching either

4. Emergency Declaration sigh.... what a waste of the actors

5. There's nothing to watch...

6. Uhm... they all look boring

7. Wow just looking at those posters, there's nothing I wanna watch... I wouldn't even pay 9,000 won to watch any of those

8. Aside from 'Decision to Leave' released last year, I've never been to a theater since Covidㅎㅎ... Afterwards, aside from Bong Joon Ho's movies, I don't think that any of those is worth going to the movies for

9. I didn't even know that any of the movies in this post was releasedㅋㅋㅋ

10. Seriously, I haven't watched any of these... I didn't even know that such movies existed... Everything is about OTT now

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