They failed at entering a company that they really wanted to join. And after that, they kept telling me how much they wanted to die for 5~6 months. They would do it at least 3 times/week. They overdoses on Tylenol and did everything they can. 

I tried crying telling them to stop it, and I even went to the hospital with them and I even told them we could go eat those famous strawberries from Spring together, and just this week too, they lit a lightning bolt and just today, they attempted self-harm too. They told me they want to die, and I exploded and told them to just go die, just k*ll yourself. And then I blocked them completely. 

I've barely done anything wrong right? Seriously at this rate, I've done everything I could right?

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1. This post was probably written by OP to vent out their inner feelings.. You did well, emotions are definitely transmitted to the person next to you, and if it's not a good emotion but a negative emotion, it's better to distance yourself to some extent. OP isn't some emotional dumbpster either, you've cried about it and it didn't work and you've told them and they didn't want to listen, there's nothing wrong with writing your emotions out. I'm saying this again, but you've done well. OP-yah just like you said, you've done what you cuold, now just rest. For you to tell them to just go and die, it shows how much pent up frustration you had until now, you must be tired too right? you're the one who've been on the receiving end of their emotions and you are allowed to have a hard time too 

2. Wow imagine being on the receiving end of this for 6 months, this doesn't require your normal level of mental ability... You didn't do anything wrong, you're not a dumpster for someone else's emotions, if this isn't using someone, I wonder what it would be 

3. Your friend is acting like all they do is wanting to be comforted and that they just need attention in life. OP must've suffered 

4. At this point, you need to leave it to the experts, a normal human always being on the other end of the receiving end will be driven to insanity 

5. Seriously what wrong did OP commit.. You should've broken ties with them earlier, your friend will ruin your life 

6. OP seriously you've suffered. This is something that just can't be helped. That person should be the one to change their environment, you're better off not thinking about their emotions anymore. OP you did well 

7. You did well 

8. I can totally understand OP 

9. You did well, if they want to die, let them die alone, why do they act like they want to die with you 

10. You did everything you could... OP you did well 

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