I used to think that Hui would actually have more chances of debuting compared to the other trainees there, but it looks like nobody is mentioning him..
Below are the international votes and if you look at the ranking, he has way more global votes than I thought. Especially the live votes, because these are not done by texts, it looks like there are actually a lot of people who are supporting Hui 

Blue: Korean votes
Pink: Global votes

1. Sung Hanbin 
2. Seok Matthew
3. Kim Jiwoong 
4. Han Yujin 
5. Zhang Hao 
6. Kim Gyuvin 
7. Lee Hoetaek 
8. Keita 
9. Jay 
10. park Gunwook 
11. Kim Taerae

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1. But doesn't he have f*cking lots of trolls after him. Me too I was wishing he can debut... But I think that his votes are actually quite weak...? ㅠㅠㅠ 

2. Once you decide to reset, you'll never know how well you can do and he also have lots of trolls 

3. He's high because we're not at the 'one-pick' stage yet 

4. I feel like he's the muggle's pick

5. I feel like he's a hit or miss 

6. Because people who aren't on social media are also voting on the show, that's why you think he doesn't get mentioned a lto 

7. Once we get to the 'one-pick' stage, you really won't be able to tell anymore 

8. I really wish he gets to debut 

9. Right now, he's in an unsafe zone. Seriously I feel like he'll probably get pushed out on the 2nd round of voting. He's my pick but I'm uneasyㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

10. I feel like he'll debut 

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