My couple is that way. My s/o is working at a small company meanwhile, I'm working for a big company, I joined the company in the later half of last year. 

My friends have been telling me to stop thinking about my boyfriend and to just break up with them faster so I can meet someone in a better company instead. Do people who have dated someone who has a completely different job broken up?

We're both in our late 20s

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1. If you like him, just keep on dating him 

2. If your lover is someone who is genuine, you should serously not care about others

3. OP, as long as you love him, you shouldn't care. But if you find someone who is actually better than your boyfriend, then you can break up 

4. If your s/o is a good person, has a peaceful family background and that his family isn't homeless, then you should just keep on dating him. But if he doesn't have these pre-requisites? You have no reasons to keep on dating him 

5. I feel like you're comparing things that are way too materialistic.. 

6. If you like him, I feel like it's kinda wrong to listen to the other people's words and judge him for that.. 

7. OP, the people around you are the issues.. 

8. You shouldn't even listen to a single thing people around you are saying. 
OP you know your lover the most
You're better than someone who judges someone just by their job 

9. Seriously if he's a truly good person, you should keep on dating him, but I can understand the people's concerns for you 

10. Hmm if both of you guys are earning good money, what's the issue? If the person is a good person, then it's fine 

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