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1. [+72, -3]
But the side effects from antidepressants are all weight gain... uhm... It's sad. I feel like if your body swells up, then your confidence goes down so it just feels like a vicious circle

2. [+50, -5]
There are still a lot of people in our country that views mental illness not as an illness but as an issue with your feelings

3. [+20, -1]
This is not just about depression. You can also consult of psychiatrist if your heart is pounding and you feel anxious without reason

4. [+19, -2]
We need to change the term for 'depression'. I feel like the word 'depress/gloom' has such a light connotation to it. Anyone just says "today, I feel gloomy". I feel like if we changed the term to "impulsive suic*de disorder", those people could actually go to the hospital and receive the proper care

5. [+14, 0]
I think that our country especially tend to think that mental illness is an issue with one's will, weakness or laziness. So they think that anything can be overcome with willpower. That's why people say things like "just think positively"ㅋㅋㅋ It' pretty ignorant but it's frustrating because a lot of people still think this way.. By that logic, anything can be fixed through willpower so why even go to the hospital? Sigh..

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