He came back to the country today and he's f*cking handsome. Crazy 

fiy: Chun Doohwan was the dictactor who extended martial law during the Kwangju uprising killing thousands of students (during Korea's democratization movement). His grandson decided to expose all his family's corruption and also revealed he did drugs, hence why he's arrested and why Knets seem to love him

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1. [+159, -9]
But I can faintly see Chun Doohwan's face in him which freaking annoys me 

2. [+154 -22]
He looks freaking sassy... 

3. [+119, -11]
Do you think he's the same as Yoo Ah In got caught while doing drugs? Chun Doohwan said he handed down billions of inheritance to his grandson, do you think it's an easy thing to give up on all of that and go his own way? 

4. [+99, -33]
But he's been living in this world with depression he's so pitiful ...ㅠㅠ He also almost died twice in half a year... 

5. [+98, -7]
If a commoner looked like that, they'd be considered freaking handsome... His real life visuals must be amazing 

6. [+58, -9]
This person works out so his body must be f*cking good.. 

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