[teens stories/enter-talk] WOW JANG WONYOUNG'S RECENT POST IS CRAZY

She's just a f*cking goddess

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1. [+33, -19]
Our mom never calls any celebrity pretty but she said that Jang Wonyoung looked like a doll and she found her really pretty

2. [+18, -9]
Oh wow.. hul

3. [+17, -10]
Wow she's a celestial being..

4. [+12, -3]
Seriously too pretty..

5. [+9, -3]
How can her face be smaller than the balloon? She looks like a CG


Seriously a goddess

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1. [+15, -1]
Let's stick with Hapa for the rest of our lives

2. [+15, -1]
What in the world? Her looks are just crazy.. her eyes are too pretty

3. [+13, -1]
I'm jealous of the PD who filmed her. I wonder what it feels like to see this Jang Wonyoung in front of your eyes

4. [+12, -1]
Wow she's f*cking lovely and pretty..

5. [+11, -1]
Her aura is f*cking crazy. She f*cking looks like a princess ㅜㅜ

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