One of the sources of profit Kim Kisoon (cult leader who was charged with tax evasion and embezzlement) made was Synnara Distribution. It is known that the funds needed for the company were met with the proceeds from exploiting believers. The record chain store operated here is Synnara Records. A former member of Aga Dongsan (t/n: cult that Kim Kisoon was operating) and a former employee of Synnara Records appeared in the documentary and said, “I swept 10,000 won bills beyond count.”

Synnara Records is well-known around the idol fandom. This is because of its popularity gained through giving consumers who bought albums through its distribution network the opportunity to apply for a fan sign event. Also, in the past, rumors to the effect of ‘using Synnara Records to easily increase sales volume when purchasing music online’ have spread. As such, the awareness is also high.

The current chairman of Synnara Records is still Kim Kisoon. Shin, the CEO, is Kim Kisoon's closest aide and is known to have been in charge of accounting for Aga Dongsan in the past.

1. What a f*cking waste of my money 

2. I seriously got so shocked when I watched the documentary;; 

3. Please let's boycott 

4. I'm definitely never buying from there again. Cults out 

5. I've been boycotting Synnara for a long time already, but because of the KPOP craze that surged in between, people knew about Synnara again... I'm so shocked.. But I'm never buying from there again;; 

6. I was into idols around 2010 and I already learned about this ㅜㅜ But seriously we need to raise more awareness around this issue... I hope this boycott will work once and for all

7. Finally ㅠㅠ

8. Please let the boycott succeed, cults are repulsive

9. Idol fans all know about this now so they'll stop bulk buying from there, it's more about people who are simply fans of singers who go there 

10. We need to make them stop holding fan meeting, unreleased photocards, etc. events thereㅋㅋㅋWe need to strike them a couple more times and they'll stop 

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