A member almost fell after being pushed by a fan

❌️❌️❌️❌️They are not NCT but Treasure❌️❌️❌️❌️

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1. Those are my biases though...? This is honestly severe

2. If they had an accident, then plaster this all over the news for airports to forbid filming and that will solve it. They need to worry about their own bodies first

3. At this point, shouldn't they be provided with more security guards? Even groups who are more popular aren't shoved this way but it's especially severe with this group

4. Who are they?

5. It's written "not NCT" in the post already態態態態態

6. Their groupies have always been problematic but since the press is also there to broadcast the moment live and that airport appearances are treated like official schedules, nobody sees an issue with it. And even more people end up going

7. This is too much. Is this really something you do as a fan?..

8. Ugh they look like zombies. F*cking scary

9. Hul they are straight up shoving that Treasure member;; the groupies are severe

10. They are so covered up so how can people even recognize who's who? What's the point of taking pictures? Aigoo

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