It will be at the Stade de France and it's a stadium that can host more than 70K people
It's in Saint-Denis, near Paris

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1. Seems like BP's popularity isn't only amazing in the US but also in Europe. Hit even bigger

2. Too coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ QueenPink

3. It's honestly impressive that there are groups from our country who go overseas to perform in stadiums

4. Wow 70K people is amazing

5. Freaking dopeㅋㅋ but if they are performing on 7/15, then their contract renewal is almost confirmed (of course, that's just my own thinking)

6. Bangtan performed there too, it was so big and nice. BP are impressive

7. Isn't this their second world tour? Their 3rd one will be huge

8. I'm jealous... please do an encore concert in Korea...

9. They are performing in Europe and in France on top of that!! BP are seriously cool. I wanna go ㅠ

10. Bangtan and BP have a strong grip on overseas markets... they are cool

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