"If you want to be an idol in Korea, you have to be good at Korean," said trainee Zhang Hao.

Zhao Hao was asked about his outstanding Korean language skills and leadership during Mnet's "Boys Planet" 28 Final Trainees Ceremony held on the afternoon of March 29.

"As I said on the show, if you want to be an idol in Korea, I think you have to be good at Korean to be a professional, so I'm studying Korean hard workingly," Zhang Hao said.

He continued, "Speaking of know-how, when we practice on 'Boys Planet,' we communicate in Korean with all of our K and G group friends. And at night in the dormitory or when we eat, we all talk in Korean and have fun, and I think my Korean will improve quickly. I'm grateful."

Zhang Hao has garnered attention for leading the group with his gentle charisma. In response to the praise, Zhang Hao said, "First of all, thank you so much for the praise. Actually, I had never been a leader before I came to Boys Planet, so when I was a leader, I would wrap up every night, analyze and reflect on all the issues of the day, and sleep thinking a lot about what direction to go the next day. It was hard, but I learned a lot," he said.

"I'm soft-spoken, but I want to take care of my teammates, so I think I can harden up. I'm learning and I'll show you a better side later. Thank you," he added.

"Boys Planet" is a survival program that selects the debut candidates of the 5th generation of rookie boy groups based on 100% of viewer votes (50% in Korea and 50% in other areas of the world).

"Zhang Hao: How can you have a bad Korean pronunciation if you want to be a singer in Korea? I think that being a pro is talking like a (native) Korean

This is Zhang Hao"

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1. Duh?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Obviously no...?

3. This doesn't just apply to Korea, if you're working in another country, learning their language and culture is a must

4. ?... obviously?

5. Obviously, it's Korea here

6. He's just answering what the journalist asked

7. Zhang Hao, let's debut

8. Hao-yah, let's debut❣️

9. The journalist asked him and he's just answering. He's a smart kid so I think that he'll do his best while he's promoting

10. He's saying something obvious but there are way too many trainees on Boys Planet who are bad at Korean...

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