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1. I would seriously go to school and go crazy if I had a sunbae like this at school

2. I like his har down + jeans + hoodie look so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Celine fits him so well

3. He looks so refreshing and pretty. Especially the first pic. His looks are crazy💜

4. As expected, a pretty boy's intrinsic value comes out when he's at his natural...

5. Too pretty... I don't even have to see the Celine logo to know it's expensive...

6. He f*cking looks like a college student....

7. I wanna buy them all but why do they all cost millions of wons?

8. He pulls off different concepts every time. This is youth~~

9. What the? What the? This is totally different from his ELLE photoshoot. What a refreshing cutie

10. Hul why does he look so badass in a hoodie and heans? Why is he so cool and cute?

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