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Context: DKZ's Kyoungyoon learned that his parents were attending JMS church, which is a notorious cult (Netflix did a documentary on it called "In the Name of God: the Holy Betrayal') whose leader had rapped over 100 women over the years and brainwashed people. Kyoungyoon's parents were also accused of running a cafe that was in collusion with JMS.

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1. Hul... So it was real... 

2. So the church that his family attended was indeed JMSㅜ I really hope he leaves that church 

3. Finding one person approach JMS will already send people in frenzy, it makes me wonder how the parents were able to leave their kids alone there? And the fact that they even ran a cafe with them shows that they must be true devouts... Seriously when we talk about dynamic KPOP, we can really expect anything 

4. He said himself that he didn't know. Even if his parents knew and said they'd leave that church, I don't think they were aware that this was such a severe case. Anyways, this was a cleanly written clarification. I wonder why people are still swearing at him 

5. I'm pretty sure they were allowed to leave that church because he's a celebrity right? Because they didn't want this affair to grow even furtherㅠㅠ Please, just quit that church safely... 

6. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ People are really believing in things way too easily... 

7. Goosebumps 

8. Do you think that it's even realistic that they were able to quit that church over night.....ㅎㅎ

9. It's not easy to leave a cult just like that, they et severely brainwashed and everyone around them are part of the cult, so you should wonder whether it's as simple as saying "I'm quitting that church". But I really hope they leave 

10. The members are victims even though they're still promoting that cult. They don't know what they're doing 

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