"This is the outfit that I wore after I was inspired by the MiuMiu show.. 
The skirt is already so short, but I'm supposed to wear it even shorter "igi"..."

t/n: apparently ending sentences using "no/노" as a question and using the word igi/이기 are typical slangs used on Ilbe

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1. If she's not ilbe what is she? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There's no normal people who would use these words aside ilbes

2. Me too I'm always in communities but I never knew these words were from ilbe... I need to be careful too 

3. Wow imagine using "no" with "iggy".... 

4. Me too I always use "~no?" as questions? Am I an ilbe?

5. What's the issue here...????? Me too I always use "no"? Isn't this just part of the satoori????? No but I can't even use my own satoori now...ㅠㅠ (T/n: using -no at the end of sentences is a Gyeongsang-do/Busan satoori)

6. It's honestly my first time learning that this was an ilbe slang 

7. Wow using no + igi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's the worst

8. She has to have gotten hacked???

9. Ugh.... 

10. I'm from Busan and this is just my satoori...? I even use 'igi' ㅠㅠ


"What is happening? I only knew these words as part of satoori! 
I'll try to be more careful next time!"

original post: here

1. But seriously I don't think she even knew... 

2. Aigo... I think she actually didn't know, I feel sorry for her. Ugh but seriously she's just using them as part of her dialect, what is she supposed to do?

3. .........................................?

4. She seriously seems like she didn't know and she looks like such a bright person 

5. Is it even possible... That she didn't know...?

6. There are so many memes floating around nowadays, so it's possible that she didn't know. There are so many people who are chronically online and they will just pick up on these words because it's trendy or because she looked at a meme, I don't think she used it with intention 

7. I honestly think she didn't know ... It's not like she had hidden intentions with it. If she really knew it was ilbe, do you think she'd just post it on her IG?

8. But hoenstly, where else could she have seen these words...?

9. But what type of memes is she even looking at?

10. She deleted them right away and released a clarification, what else do you want her to do? 

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