[theqoo] IVE THE 1ST ALBUM 'I'VE IVE' 2023.04.10 MON 6PM (KST) COMING SOON

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1. I Have IVE, daebak

2. IVE are coming

3. Wow their narcissism is freaking amazing. I have IVEㅋ crazy

4. Ha I love this

5. Hul a full album

6. Crazy crazy crazy!!! It's been so long~ This is a full album comeback, nice~~~

7. Kyaaaahhh I've been waiting

8. IVE's team name was seriously so well-thought. Seriously, it's so intuitive and the meaning is good too. It applies well to the group too

9. Hul jjangVE's comeback

10. I'm looking forward to their 1st week of sales

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