Pre-relase on 3/27 at 6 PM

original post: here

1. Wow crazy, what's up with their visuals?

2. I'm fainting.. I hope that when I'll wake up, it will be 6PM...

3. The concept is good. An Yujin is crazy. And is Gaeul the blonde one? The blonde one is cool
> It's not blonde but pink, it's Rei

4. AnYoungz are freaking pretty

5. What's up with An Yujin? Why is she so good at pulling off this concept?ㅠㅠ She looks clean and tidy but also fits rebel conceptsㅠ ㅠ I'm totally looking for the MV tomorrow

6. Wow Yujin-ah ㅜㅠㅜ Too jjang

7. The thumbnail alone is so badass already. These two are honestly the cheat key. Yujin looks like she came out of a city-pop animation

8. Yujin-ah...

9. Seriously innovative... this is refreshing and I'm totally looking forward to it

10. The concept is crazy

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