There are different standards based on which YT video you watch so I also included the YouTuber who didn't count her doubling part

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1. Liz iz good at singing so why aren't they giving her more parts? What a shame

2. Seriously, this is freaking eba. Who distributes lines like this?; and she's also the best singer there

3. Isn't Liz a good singer?

4. My bias is also the main vocal and he always gets his parts taken away so this doesn't feel unfamiliar to me... there was even a time where he only appeared for 2 seconds in an MVㅋㅋ I wonder why companies would do this?

5. Why are they discriminating against one member so blatantly like this?? The other members all have similar distributions but doing this to one member only is too much

6. I feel like they did a good job with the line distribution in Eleven but the more they progress, the less parts Liz gets. I watched the MV but barely saw Liz

7. Aside from the part at the beginning I didn't see Liz at all. And what's up with this line distribution?;;

8. Everyone else got 20 secongs but only one member got 6 seconds...

9. Liz is the best singer there no? Their line distribution is f*cking interesting

10. Isn't Liz the main vocal?????


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1. Hul no but even if you claim that she doesn't fit the song, discriminating against one member like this is a bit;

2. It's way too severe to give 6 seconds to a main vocal

3. Is the company fighting with the fans?

4. 6 seconds... f*cking too much

5. ?? That's it...?

6. I don't think that she doesn't match the song though? She's pretty and uses her expressions well too

7. Why? She's the most talented one

8. The company is a fool... Doing this will just make people drag the other members for their skills

9. Her expressions are so good though...? I think she suits the concept so why are they hiding their main vocal..?

10. Liz ㅠㅠ

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