On March 1st, SBS 8:00 News reported exclusively on a KORAIL (Korea Railroad Corporation) employee who accessed the personal information of group BTS’s RM without permission.

According to the report, employee A has unauthorized access to not only RM’s ride information but also personal information.

In addition to the ticket information, A accessed personal information such as the address, mobile phone number, and model registered by RM when he signed up for KORAIL membership, along with his ticket information without permission. It is said that this continued 18 times for three years from 2019.

Customer personal information is only available for work purposes in authorized departments, and employee A had access because he was an IT employee developing a pre-release system.

A informed the surrounding people, saying, “I checked RM’s reservation history. I gave my friend his ticket information so that my friend could buy a nearby seat.” 

KORAIL held an audit after receiving an internal report, and as a result, KORAIL said, “We confirmed that A inquired personal information without permission, but we could not confirm that it was leaked to the outside.”

In addition, A shocked everyone by saying that he also inquired information about male KORAIL employees who became a hot topic by appearing on a broadcast. 

KORAIL’s audit committee recommended suspension of A. SBS reported that A said, “I inquired out of simple curiosity and am reflecting on my action.”
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1. I hope they get sued

2. They gave his information to their friend, what "curiosity" bullsh*t? There are a lot of youth who are working hard to work for KORAIL, get rid of this person!

3. 18 times, f*ck, this is totally sasaeng behavious. Freaking creepy

4. So they did this out of "simple curiosity" for 3 years? Does it even make sense. This is giving me goosebumps

5. Let's catch the kids who are sharing his flight information too at the same time

6. F*ck, 3 years???? Why are they not terminating this employee?

7. Fire them ㅡㅡ

8. I don't think that they are the only employee doing this. Other employees must be doing this as well, just like with airplane tickets

9. Seems like they are not busy

10. Isn't this a crime? 

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