Changkyun's wedding advice

1. I never had intentions to get married before the turning 35
2. I like someone who has a vision 
3. Someone who knows how to enjoy their own time 
4. Someone who doesn't have depenture (Haㅠㅠ), it's ok if they don't have money because he has it 
5. Don't force you to eat spicy food 
6. Someone who isn't spending their entire time talking about bitcoin 

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1. I really wonder what situation he put himself in to think about #6?

2. I'm not a Monbebe but I'm everything he's asking for

3. I'm here because I heard he was looking for someone who's wife material ...

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He asically likes someone who's sincere and someone who loves their job 

5. I just received my marriage request

6. Im Changkyun I love you 

7. I'm not a fan, but I check everything 

8. Hey~ This is me Changkyun-ah 

10. Wow I'm not a fan and I'm everything he wants. Kitty-nim, come here!

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