NewJeans has become the newest model for jeans to match the group’s name!

On March 6, it was announced that NewJeans, who stole the hearts of Millennials and Generation Z with Y2K fashion as well as music, was selected as a global ambassador for the popular denim brand Levi’s. 

NewJeans shared, “We are honored and thrilled to be with Levi’s, a timeless brand that represents the world’s most iconic pair of jeans.”

An official from Levi’s also remarked, “We prepared a meeting with NewJeans as the first step to appeal our brand identity to Generation Z while celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of [Levi’s jeans] 501. As they have free, fashionable, and bright energy, we plan to work on various performances and interesting projects together [with NewJeans] as our brand ambassador.”

Levi’s is currently preparing for a live performance with NewJeans in Seoul in commemoration of the 501 Day when the patent for the riveted jeans was granted on May 20, 1873.

After debuting in July of last year, NewJeans gained great popularity with their debut tracks “Attention” and “Hype Boy” and is continuing to make historical achievements through their latest songs “OMG” and “Ditto.”
CR: Soompi

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1. Their name valueㅋㅋ daebak

2. Hul Levis Global ㅠㅠ JjangJeans💙🐰

3. They are just the biggest trend

4. Wow how many ads do they have?ㄷㄷ they are seriously successful

5. I think that out of all the times a post about someone being selected as am ambassador in the HOT category, most of them were about NewJeans. They are indeed the hottest. They are no joke

6. Wow they are seriously doing so well. They deserve to be this hot

7. I knew that they would get a jeans commercial and this suits them so well. NewJeans are seriously the hottest in the CF world right now

8. It suits them too well👖😆

9. Congrats congrats. They fit so well as models. Even their names

10. What's up with Danielle's face size... it's super small

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