They said that it will be released on 4/11

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1. Oh so he's adding Korean elements in it, nice

2. You guys don't know anything and are accusing him of making Japanese things, f*ckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ are you guys Japanese? Japanese and Chinese people are all claiming that things that are not theirs as theirs. But a slight change in our country's element, and you guys will start bringin up other countries and looking down on ours

3. The Japan-fans will go crazy

4. So it's the "kwondo" in Taekwondo.. I always think like this but our country's self-censorship is severe

5. Why is everyone saying that this is giving Japanese vibe?... This is our country and our culture. Do you want to reduce us to shreds even more? The countries next to ours are all claiming that our things are theirs

6. I just scrolled down thinking "oh so it's taekwondo..." I didn't think of the ninjas at all

7. So anyone wearing black are automatically a ninja now?

8. I hate people who are obsessed with Japan but I also thought of ninjas when I saw the masks. Especially the 345 cut

9. Kwondos are pretty but so unpopular...

10. Ugh what is wrong with you guys? Stop saying it's Japanese f*ck, it's ours

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