1. LOL here in Spain they want to abolish Friday as a working day
> Here in Canada, places are starting up 4 day work weeks with no reduction in salary or increase in hours on work days. 

Edit: I'm not telling you weirdos where I work but my wife is making this shift April 1st and my employer is looking at mid fiscal or next fiscal for the transition. Stop asking where I work hahaha
>> The 32-hour work week would be an enormous step forward in quality of life.

2. How to destroy a society's future.

3. Worked with a korean guy my age (29 at the time) he was well to do, college educated, married. He came to Canada to escape what he called a hell world. Seouls work culture sounded nightmarish. Long hours, expected to work extremely fast, stay longer for free, drink with coworkers at night, and repeat day in and day out. We worked at a small liquor store and just chilled and laughed. He worked way less and made more money.

4. So much for that work/life balance. It sort explains the drop in birth rate too.
>Tell me about it. 
S Korea : Work harder! 
Also S Korea: Why do you not have time for family?

5. Their birth rate is already lowest in the world. This will just de populate the country quicker
> lowest birth rate, but also ranks 12th in suicide rate (losing to several countries with endemic hunger... and russia), and is number 1 in alcohol consumption

6. Hasn't basically every study shown overworking people just makes them less productive?

7. My contract in the UK is 35hrs, and that feels okay to me. Wouldn't want any more, even if my contract paid overtime

8. I work mostly 40h weeks (07:00-16:00) and I'm always exhausted from dealing with work, kids and everything else going on. 

52h weeks would make kids and a social life very difficult and probably be unhealthy long term. 

69h weeks would be (almost) 10h workdays every single day- week in and week out without break. That's a dystopian serf life until you break either mentally or physically and get discarded bc why are you usless?

9. Really confused how this can be a good thing. Maybe there's some mistranslation in the article. But to put this out at a time where companies are successfully trialing 4 day weeks in the UK (without a drop in pay)... Seems extremely stupid
> Yes I also had to read the fine print of the article where it is cleared up. Horribly titled article, and also poorly explained, but I can try. 

So basically, it mentions that a regular working week in south korea is 40 hours (same as most other countries) with 12 hours of allowable overtime which can be banked for time off later, which would equal to an allowable work week of up to 52 hours per week. So they are increasing the allowable amount of banked overtime, not the regular work week. So the regular work week will still remain at 40 hours per week, but the allowable banked overtime will reach 29 hours instead of 12. 

So, if you work at a company where you are working overtime (looking at lawyers, finance, business owners, etc...) and you work past your 12 hours of allowable banked overtime, you will benefit. If you do not work in this type of company, nothing changes for you. Otherwise, from the sounds of it currently, those who are working 60+ hours per week simply are losing bankable hours and pay every week. So this is to benefit the ones who are slaving away, whether this law is in place or not. It will hopefully benefit them, so when they have their quiet periods, they can take more time off to spend with family.

10. "We're pretty much out of ideas, but 69 is that funny sex number, so it must increase fertility rates, right?" 

Seriously though, this proposal is some next level lizard people shit.

11. This shows how big of an idiot you can be. 

SK is already suffering from historic low birth rates, and one of the prime reason for that is families simply don't have enough time to take care of children. 

But instead of creating a sustainable work-life balance, SK government is instead forcing them to work even more.

12. Working in Korea is already so though.

13. You're gonna have to pay people to have kids, or reintroduce child labour. Because outside of that, the only way people are gonna have kids is if you outlaw contraception, and abortion.
> If the hours are long enough, contraception becomes irrelevant. Sex takes time and energy, and at some fucked up point if “work life balance” nobody has either of those things.

14. Not nice
> Not nice
>> Not nice
>>> Not nice
>>>> Note nice
>>>>> Not nice

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1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ our national status ^^

2. I'm afraid that if our government continues with the way they are, I feel like they will just ruin our country until we get eaten up by another country.. For real

3. People need to have free time in order to start thinking about dating... I work 6 days a week so I have no desire to date at all

4. Seriously, I just want to kill them all. Both that f*cker and the f*ckers who voted for that f*cker

5. Even the foreigners living overseas are aware so why is the Korean government the only one not in the know?

6. F*ck, do they really think that the birth rates will increase after implementing 69 hours a week? Just how is this policy suppose to encourage childbirth?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Ah seriously, they are honestly making me not want to live anymore

8. He sees our nation as slaves... the fact that people voted for him was legendaryㅋㅋㅋ

9. I've been getting busier nowadays and just working 60 hours a week is already hard and they're adding 9 more hours...?

10. We are straight up an underdeveloped countryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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