12 episodes in total

Episode 1 0.379%
Episode 2 0.586%
Episode 3 0.821% (Metropolitan area 1.195%) 🔺
Episode 4 0.772% (Metropolitan area 1.0%)
Episode 5 0.803% (Metropolitan area 1.0%)
Episode 6 0.724% (Metropolitan area 1.067%)

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1. The PD doesn't understand the current vibes at all and they are too purposely making up epic stories for certain trainees and giving screen time to certain trainees. It's severe. He's bluntly pushing a few trainees which makes me get turned off by them even more. Since they can't rig the show anymore, I feel like they are trying to rig the votes by the amount of screen time... The trainees that they want to fail are just either completely edited out or given bad screen time... All of this is just too obvious that I stopped watching

2. The untalented trainees are just way too untalented. Seriously, I just can't watch them at all

3. Why? I've been crazily hooked on Boys Planet though...

4. The PD's picks are way too blatant and it just breaks my heart watching the trainees that are used just to push themㅜ

5. I don't have any one-pick so I've been watching the show comfortably

6. Junyoung-ah, come back

7. I'm watching it but there are too many people that make me wonder if this is their first time ever singing in their whole lives. Just how long have they been trainees..?

8. The PD's picks are too obvious so I don't like it

9. I'm still watching it but... I think I can tell who are the trainees that the PD is pushing ㅠ

10. There are too many untalented trainees and the screen time division is too severe

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