(T/N: motae-solo = never dated before)

Dating experience as surveyed among 594 single people
21.1% - No dating experience
36.3% - Currently dating
42.6% - Not currently dating

1 person out of 5 is a motae-solo
(There are more than I thought)

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1. Nayana (T/N: Produce S2's theme song - also means "that's me, that's me")

2. Nayana, I don't care about dating at all and I hate men. I think that the probability of meeting a decent one is just ground level. I'm not gay

3. Nayana~

4. I'm willing to date if someone I like appeared but there was none up until now

5. There's nobody I like so why date?... Of course, if I liked someone, I would want to date them but I don't feel like drinking tea together, going to the movies together or going to a motel together so I'm just not dating... let the people who want to date date and that's it. Why shame the people who don't?

6. Nayana, I'm happily fangirlingㅋㅋㅋ

7. Nayana, people are way too tiring..

8. There's nobody I like so what am I gonna do about it?

9. Dating... seriously, you should only date people that you truly like. I don't want to be forced because I have to date

10. To be honest, I've dated around a lot and it was just a waste of money... there was nothing else left. Nothing else than money.. I went on a date a while ago for 2 days and spent over 100,000 won. If it's not with someone I'm gonna marry, I don't wanna date them

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