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1. This was cleanly done, just be careful now 

2. It's good that she gave feedback right away!! As long as she apologized, that's it 

3. Of course people are allowed to be ignorant and make mistakes, she wrote a good apology 

4. Meanwhile foreigners know nothing about right wings and are still bullsh*tting. Chaeyoung didn't even know and even apologized. Fighting 

5. She's allowed to not know, as long as she doesn't repeat this 

6. The moment she learned about it, she released an apology quickly, let's be careful next time!

7. I hate I-roaches so much ㅗ

8. Every time I look at things like that, I just find it so funny that I-roach f*ckers are always bullsh*tting when it comes to right wings, meanwhile they act up for stuff like that (I'm not saying that what Chaeyoung did wasn't problematic) 

9. It's good that she apologized right away. Meanwhile, the right wings never apologized....ㅋ How comparable 

10. This was cleanly done. I was shocked last night 

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