Group TWICE's new song is showing poor digital results.

On the 10th, TWICE made a comeback with the release of their 12th mini album 'READY TO BE'. TWICE, who previously released the English single 'MOONLIGHT SUNRISE' in pre-release, released the title song 'SET ME FREE', 'GOT THE THRILLS', 'BLAME IT ON ME', 'WALLFLOWER', 'CRAZY STUPID LOVE' as well as an English version of the title song.


Many people thought that TWICE, the representative girl group of the 3rd generation, would show good performance on digital charts. However, somewhat surprising results followed.

On the daily ranking of Melon, the largest music site in Korea, the title song 'SET ME FREE' ranked 83rd on the day of release and 101st the next day. Even now, 'SET ME FREE' cannot be found in the TOP100, and the same goes for the remaining b-sides.

It was quite surprising that TWICE's title song was out of the top 100 within a day of its release, and netizens commented that the song was aaa let down. Some say that their prime may have passed as they grew older into their seniority.

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1. The song just sucks

2. This is nothing else but the result of a bad song

3. Nowadays, they are kinda going for the chic-sexy route but I feel like the general public liked their previous concepts better. It matched them better too~

4. What's up with the title...

5. The journalist is so mean.. I've not even a fan of TWICE but this makes me mad

6. I feel like they were way too complacent with the song choice. It's not even trendy and nothing in the song sticks to your ear. The quality of the song is also another issue

7. Girl groups are all about htier songs... TWICE will succeed as long as they are given a good song. Fighting

8. I liked their old songs but this song just sucks. Even the dance feels a bit bland?

9. This is so mean. A few days ago, there were so many hate comments because of their ranking and now, even journalists are jumpin on thisㅋㅋㅋ I find TWICE likable so every time I see this kind of thing, it makes me sad ㅠㅠ

10. Then I'll just listen to it alone, stop bullsh*tting

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