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1. After their singing skills controversy, Korea just stopped expecting anything from them 

2. It's because the members' skills gap keep widening ㅠㅠ What a shame 

3. Leaving Twice aside, this is JYP's issue
The company has given up on public friendliness at some point and just started on focusing on overseas results. The company's idols' results are all so bad domestically but it doesn't seem like they're even considering working harder to resolve this issue 

4. Aside from their singing skills, it's mostly because songs like Feel Special, More & More and Alcohol Free were simply better songs. Meanwhile all their newer releases were all so so. Even if it wasn't your taste, songs like I Can't Stop Me still gathered a lot of people wh oenjoyed it. They should've just continued pushing this kind of music, it's such a shame 

4. I really f*cking liked Talk That Talk ㅠ The song was freaking good, so Set Me Free is a bit lacking 

5. I don't feel like any of the concept in the concept teaser for the album went into the song, so I don't even know what the song is about, this is the title that is the most ambiguous for them.. 

6. Twice's titles were always well-picked in the past no matter how bad the b-sides were.. But at some point, their b-sides started becoming better and even the album quality got better, but their titles dropped ㅠ 

7. Starting from Scientist, people stopped expecting their results

8. I like Twice but this song was so bad... Seriously I wonder what made the think this song was title worthy 

9. They can really just spend half the time they spend on practicing dancing and put it into practicing singing. They're not rookies who just sings whatever it's given to them anymore

10. If it was really all because of their skills, then they would've never made it big from the beginning.. It's simply because nobody expects anything from them anymore. 

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