"Was corporal punishment in the 90s that bad??"

Whenever I hear about the adults talking about the way they attended schools in the 90s, 
They would talk about getting hit by a hocket bat or a golf bat. They would receive around 50 hits and their tail bone flying away 

They would get slapped on the head with their shoes and when they slip, it would hit their ears and break their eardrum or break their teeth off 

For female students, they would slam their heads on the desks, and the desks would break. And they would get hit with a watch too. Someone getting their heads ripped apart because they'd get hit with a chair.

I bet that some of this has to be an exaggeration right???

- It's actually true 
- I was in the class of '95... And all the things mentioned in the post is true, I acknowledge them 
- There was this arts teacher called Blanca... And they bit my head. They really bit it 
- Our sunbae who was in 3rd grade came to school during Summer vacation to study and dozed off so they got their nipple chopped off ㅎㅎ There was this teacher said "Yah that bast*rd who dozed off, come here~" and pinched their nipple with a pincer and just snipped it off like "tok~" of course, it created a small uproar among the school's teachers and the parents, but they were able to appease the publicㅋ
- There was an hockey club and I got hit by the hockey bat

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1. When I was in my all girls middle school, I got hit with a hockey bat 

2. I'm a class or '94 and I've seen worse than the post's content 

3. For real there was a lot of s*xual harassment 

4. When they hit us during the attendance check, that was the most annoying part 

5. I was part of the later 90's class, and even during my choding days, they would slap across my face and hit my ears and there was a teacher (male) during my middle school days (all girls school) who would tell me "You're trying to flirt with men and you're coming to school?" that pervert... 

6. I've seen female students get dragged by the hair and tossed in the school's hallway.... 
Me too I've experienced it 2-3 times and I got a huge bruise on my calf once because they hit me 

7. They would beat you to death... 

8. Slapping across the face was just the fundamentals

9. I'm part of the '91 class ㅋㅋㅋ And they would lift my skirt to my stomachㅠ And for the guys, they would get smacked on their ears

10. Slapping you during attendance call, grabbing you by your hair and slapping your face... I'm in my 30s now but everything in the post are just your common things 

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