SY: Actually, when I was promoting as an idol, 
I became the biggest betrayer because I got married

JK: Because you broke the mold

SY: A lot of people say that usually idols' lifespan is between 6~7 years
But once this is over, you don't just stop being a singer

SY: Of course, no matter how you look at me, I was lucky. I was able to go back to doing what I like 
That's why I'm kinda careful when saying "even if I'm married, I can work again". However, just like me, you can get married and return to being an idol. I hope everyone becomes a bit more open minded.

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1. So is she saying that her fans are in the wrong?

2. Can she stop talking about her marriage already 

3. You can tell that at this rate, she's the one who can't get over this... Your time has passed already 

4. I don't think she's being considerate to her fans, but as someone who isn't her fan, I just wonder why she constantly tries to live in the past, I hope she can just live in the present 

5. She's just talking about her married life all the timeㅋㅋ

6. Can she stop mentioning Wonder Girls already? She's the one who threw them away, but why is she mentioning them every time she's on broadcast? Other members aren't mentioning her though?

7. Looks like the biggest achievement to her in life is getting married 

8. Wow... Is this what time does to people 

- I don't even have the energy to boo anymore 
- Let's just go

10. Every time she's on broadcast, she's talking about nothing else but thisㅋㅋㅋ

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