"This is Yoo Ah In.

After being investigated by the police, I didn’t give a full apology. I once again would like to apologize to those who have supported me and loved me for this unsavory incident.

I am sorry.

And I would like to send an apology to those who have worked with me on movies, dramas, and advertisements. I deeply regret not taking my responsibilities seriously, and I would like to apologize to each of my colleagues who strived to reach for a dream and a goal. I am sorry for causing you harm. I will work towards taking full responsibility.

Despite so many of you supporting me and giving me love, I am embarrassed to realize that I was harming myself as an actor. And through these mistakes, I have brought great harm to many people. I am sorry.

As the incident was brought to light and during my time of reflection, I realized that my mistake was inexcusable. The excuses that I made for myself were ultimately wrong, and isn’t able to cover up for my mistakes.

I will continue with the investigations faithfully, and I will gladly take on the criticism and punishment by law.

I apologize again.

I am sorry."
CR: Koreaboo

original post: here

1. Don't act like these other people who did drugs and shamelessly returned on TV

2. Just retire and live the way you want

3. Don't ever crawl back again. Seriously, just thinking about a f*cker who even did cocaine, ugh 

4. Funnyㅋㅋㅋ look at this self-pity

5. He sure is super generous towards himself

6. Of course his lawyer wrote it for him... do you really think that he'd write it himself?

7. Skipping on you

8. Seems like his law firm uploaded the apology for him

9. Just who even liked him?... Even when I didn't know about his drugs issue, I always found him so-so. If he screws off right now, I'll believe that he was truly sorry

10. Did ChatGPT write this for him?

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