How can they always fly from countries to countries to take pictures of their idol?...

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1. [+99, -4]
Usually, it's the people who have a lot of time and money who become fansite masters

2. [+70, -3]
One of the unnies I know is a sasaeng and that unnie's dad is working a specialized job but his main business is real estate rentalㅋㅋ She was born with a building owner-mom and building-owner dad and she's living off her dad's credit card and barely worked in her life. She's over 30 y.o.. I think that kids like her are sasaengs or fansite mastersㅋㅋ I got to know that unnie because I worked at her dad's hospital..ㅋㅋ

3. [+54, -3]
There are kids who live off selling their picture as data (T/N: "data" = pictures taken by a third party who isn't necessarily a fansite master of a particular idol). When the fansite master cannot attend an event, they would buy off pictures from kids like them and edit them before uploading them. That's why being rich is definite

4. [+37, -2]
I heard that there are fansite masters who only buy pictures and uploads them as if they were the ones who took them

5. [+33, -1]
But how are fansite masters close to one another? So if there are idols who are friends with one another, then their fansite masters are also friends? Also, what I'm curious about is how do they know when their bias is attending other idols' concerts?? It's the same as how Miyeon and Sana went to RV's concert recently!

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