It's like the 'the friend in the middle and the other kids';;
The kid at the center is both the one with the best vocals and the visualㄷㄷ
Her skills are good but their chemistry su*cks...
I thohught that the company would be good at making girl groups after BP
But they should at least pick one person that's undeniably a visual... what is this?...

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1. [+68, -3]
F*ck, they are dragging their debut way too long; They started everything on Jan 1st and we are almost in May now. If we're considering the time waiting for their debut teasers, they will probably debut in June/July. The more you wait, the more the hype dies down. It's just boring and frustratingㅋㅋ

2. [+50, -10]
YG female idols = all about their auras but they just feel like mid-agencies' idols (aside from their skills). I can't feel their auras at all

3. [+41, -5]
Aside from Ahyeon and Ruka, it's just a fact that none of the remaining kids have a presence no? The pool of trainees in YG got so much better thanks to BP but I can only see their skills here. I think that once they debut, they'll be a group that's really popular overseas

4. [+38, 0]
Someone said that there were 10 Jennies here

5. [+27, -8]
It's true that they have no presence. Even Ahyeon is so-so to me.. I have a lot of other reasons but she doesn't have that basic attitude when doing interviews. Can she please swallow and calm herself down? Also, I hope that she was more polite when talking. Her face is meh too..

6. [+13, -3]
They'll get prettier once they get used to camerasㅋㅋㅋ When BP debuted, they weren't goddess-level either

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