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Trolls are always talking about expecting a ranking on HOT 100, usually for American platforms, they'd favor American singers because they play on their radios so for her, whos' not even with her group, but as a solo to release a full Korean song, this is way harder! Lisa (Lalisa) is the only female solo singer in Asia who charted on Hot 100 with a non-English song, even though more than half her song is in English 

2. [+52, -6]
I didn't know she would actually reach #2 ㅋㅋ ㄷㄷ

3. [+50, -11]
This isn't a group but this is Jisoo coming out alone, and she's the #1 solo female for first week sales, she's on top of Korean charts and now she's #2 on Billboatd 200 (including US), and now she's also #10 on Global Spotify... People are bashing her for not achieving this and that, but this is true inferiority complex. Jisoo is awesome

4. [+45, -10]
congrats congrats. This is a true Korean song raising to #2

5. [+35, -19]
Billboard 100 and she's also #104 on Billboard Bubbling ... And it's a Korean song + female solo, this is impressive

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