He talked about how a man loving another man is weird and right now, there are 3.5K RT on the tweet

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He's a celebrity so it's wrong to be homophobic vote up 
But all commoners think that way vote down 

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1. [+124, -8]
Personally, I can totally see why someone might think that way, but to make it so obvious and say it out loud is problematic 

2. [+96, -4]
It's fine that he hates them, but regardless of being a celebrity, to hate something out loud is a bit.. It's true he needs to be more careful 

3. [+94, -2]
But it's been 5 days he said it and seeing how Pann only released it now, it means that Pann really aren't keeping up with Treasure ㅋㅋ If they were idols that Pann were hating on everyday, they'd be beeaten up so bad that there would be articles written about it 

4. [+86, -53]
Honestly, me too I find gays repulsive... But Asian gays even more... They're also severely misogynistic. Unlike BLs, where they have lots of female friends around them and they're the ones who "understand" women, this is all delusion. In reality, they hate women, and the gay community cheer when they see women's lives get screwed over. 

5. [+79, -5]
What is this?
"Leaves a note to pretty fan"... YG's Treasure member Haruto, private account gets leaked"
"YG Treasure aruto friends with his sasaengs..."

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