Rose should release a full album in Korean
I want to hear something satisfying.. 

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1. [+85, -17]
I'd like to hear Rose sing something similar to Time Walking On Memory in Korean, she'll sweep the Korean chartsㅋㅋ

2. [+74, -21]
This would be impossible in YG. You really think they'd give her a full album when they're already debating whether to even give a single to their main vocals?? I feel like I have more chances of winning the Lotto next week ㅋㅋ  You should just give up on that and pray for her to stop renewing with YG instead, there are huge companies lined up to take on Rose if she quits. Just wait for at least another 2 years until we get another group album from BlackPink, then we're going to have another rap-focused song and they'll put Rose's vocals on the back burner again. Then they'll hand her some b-side track again just to shut your mouths. It's quite obvious. I just hope she doesn't renew. Rose-yah, if you're thinking about your future, you should come out from YG. If you want a solo career, just ditch YG. Look at Kang Seungyoon, he stayed 12 years in YG to release 2 solo albums. They also put his composing skills in the back burner all this time. He started as a trainee and for 12 years he sold his body for 2 full albums. They'll never push their main vocals 

3. [+53, -20]
I want to hear Rose sing her solo version of Flower 

4. [+52, -8]
She never released any solo songs in Korean so I hope we can hear her sing a ballad 

5. [+48, -10]
I'm more curious about her Korean songs than her English songs in terms of results. If she releases a song like Stay or Don't Know What to Do, she'll hit #1 for sure 

6. [+21, -10]
I just hope Rose goes back to her black hair;; she suits black way better 

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