Kanye's Black Skinhead

The beat and the way of rapping is exactly the same. The only difference is that Kanye's voice is thicker
After listening to Kanye's song, listen to Mark's song again. It's totally copied.

If you listen to Kanye's song, the rap part suddenly starts lowering down at 2:17 and Marks' rap lowers down at 2:32 in the exact same way

There are lots of talks overseas about how it sounds plagiarized, what do you guys think?

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1. [+73, -12]
I'm actually shocked that it's so unsimilar 

2. [+54, -11]
The sound, percussion and beat are totally different to start with... I feel like the part where OP was pointing out was about the intro with the electric guitar, but aside from that, there's nobody simiar? The rapping style too, Kanye's one is definitely real rap, but Mark's one is more melodic and he's mixing with rapping. The chorus itself is almost all sungㅋㅋㅋ And the part where you mentioned got quiet, any other song could have parts like that, stop stretching this 

3. [+33, -37]
I've listened to both songs for 1 minute and I feel like it could be at least an hommage 

4. [+30, -24]
I don't know who Mark is but I'm a Kanye fan and it does sound similar. Not only the rap part but the vibe of the song too. If there was only one part that was similar, I wouldn't say anything but I feel like there are so many overlapping elements that it makes the plagiarism accusations more valid 

5. [+25, -4]
Haechan's akgaes are acting up again. You guys were trying to pin him as the only one getting tormented on DC Gallery and now you're starting to release posts on Pann too. SM-ah please catch them already and sue those people

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