No but how do they shoot an ad every week... 

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I wonder how much money they earn, this year too, I bet they'll earn millions f*ck.. 

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It hasn't even been 1 year and they're already lining up all the ads. NewJeans is honestly legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their ad song is #4 on Melon and #1 on Genie. If I were an ad company, I'd use NewJeans too 
2022: SK Telecom, Musinsa, O!Oi, Mega Study, Shinhan Bank, Gucci, LV
2023: Burberry, LG Electronic, Armani Beauty, Chanel, CARIN, McDonalds, Olens, Nike, Levis, YSL Beauty, Coca Cola, Stonehenge

3. [+73, -5]
It's because of NewJeans' buxx factor and young image that companies all want to use them 

4. [+69, -3]
Coca Cola's song actually went #2 on real time charts, this is a wall for ads. They're way too strong with the general public.. 

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NewJeans vigor is scary

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