"Are there any idol who would call his girlfriend to a busking event when there's a sea of fangirls who gathered there?
*poke poke* who is behind you?"

"Unnie ㅜㅜ  What are you going to do with the pictures of the fangirls that you're taking ㅜㅜ 
I bet Intak was the one who called unnie and her friend, I thought it was a P1ece~ㅜㅜㅎㅎ"

The fans already knew that he was dating an Esteem model
But she was there at the busking event sending hearts to him at Hangang 
That's why the sasaengs decided to expose his clubbing video too

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1. [+139, -1]
But seriously what's up with that girl taking pictures of the fans?

2. [+130, -0]
"Don't swear at Intak.....What fault did Intak do... 
Did he call his girlfriend to come in front of the fans in a schedule? 
Did he flaunt his love with his girlfriend in front of the fans?
Is this why his girlfriend was taking pictures of the fans?
Did he take care of his girlfriend while she was snacking away for an event he prepared for the fans?
Did he pose the wy that his girlfriend always poses the moment he started dating her?
Did he go to clubs because he's crazy about women?
And did he go there without covering his face with his members?
Did he neglect communicating with his fans usually?
Did he not hold a single Vlive for 4 months?
Did he only come to a paid app for 7 times in a month?
Did he lie about meeting his parents when he went clubbing in Christmas?
Did he work hard saying his ideal type would be a model for 3 years just to end up dating one?
Did he put his Katalk profile with the date he started dating his girlfriend on?
Did he put his phone background with the picture of their couple plushie?
Did he use his stage for his relationship when he told the fans that he'll work hard on stage for them?
Did he embarass himself saying that Jang Wonyoung was his ideal type? 
Did he talk about a scenario where he'd be a younger guy dating secretely and turned out to be dating a model nuna in real life?
Did Intak did a single one of those actions? Why are people hating him?"
(t/n: sarcastic)

3. [+103, -0]
But he has a girlfriend yet still goes clubbing?ㅋㅋ

4. [+102, -2]
Who is Intak... 

5. [+79, -1]
Wait a minute, he's there giving hearts to his girlfriend when all the fans are watching him there?

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